Andrew’s Top 10 Movie Wish List

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September 8, 2012 by NowhereButPop

By Andrew Doscas


An on-going discussion where we name our top 10 hypothetical scenarios given a certain category……It’s abstract, I know.

1)      A remake of Three Men and a Baby with Matthew Lillard playing Steve Guttenberg’s role, James Woods playing Tom Selleck’s role, and Tom Selleck playing Ted Danson’s role.

2)      A buddy cop action movie starring Robert Patrick and Charles Barkley.

3)      An action movie about crime fighting doctors starring Jon Voight as the villain.  The climax of the movie rests in the decision of the doctors whether to operate on a life threatening tumor in Voight’s brain.

4)      A sequel to Jurassic Park wherein Chris Bosh plays the velociraptor.

5)      A biopic on Jared the Subway guy starring Steven Seagal as the titular character, oh and Sinbad has a supporting role in it too.

6)      James Cameron’s Spider-Man.

7)      The Breakfast Club 2: High School Reunion.  Where you find out that after their day of shared detention, none of the five students ever spoke again.

8)      Any movie with Lady Gaga and Dennis Rodman stuck in a room together.

9)      Kevin Smith penned reboot of Jaws directed by Tim Burton.

10)    History of the World: Part 2


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