Top 10: Greatest Supergroups…..EVER!

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November 13, 2012 by NowhereButPop

By Andrew Doscas

1)       The Dick-Heads

Axl Rose: Vocals, piano

Billy Corgan: Guitars, vocals

Dave Navarro: Guitars

Roger Waters: Bass, vocals

Neil Peart: Drums

There would be so much infighting between the band that they wouldn’t even put out an album despite recording for three years already and spending $25 million in production costs.  Despite this, they are remembered for being kick-ass and for what they could have been.  As a result they tend to be a bit overrated.

2)      Phun-key Fresh

George Clinton: Vocals

Prince: Guitar, vocals

Flea: Bass

Questlove: Drums

They would have their peak, and it would be one hell of a peak.  The albums, concerts and just life in general would be one big party….and it would be great.  But right at their zenith the band would breakup do to contractual disagreements (Prince), laziness (Flea), and insanity (Clinton).

3)      Hatred

Dave Mustaine: Vocals, guitars

Kerry King: Guitars

Rex Brown: Bass

Lars Ulrich: Drums

Initially, everyone would be friends (more like a gang) and get along.  While slowly building a huge fanbase, they make it big with their mainstream album (probably their fourth) which is divisive amongst fans.  After accusations of selling out, King gets pissed off at Ulrich and Mustaine for not being hardcore enough anymore and leaves the band.  Ulrich and Mustaine then get into a fistfight over whose fault it is for going soft.  The band then breaks up for good until they either need money or forgot why they broke up in the first place.  All the while Rex Brown is wondering what they hell is happening in his life.

4)      By Proxy

Steve Winwood: Vocals, keyboards

Alex Lifeson: Guitars

Michael Anthony: Bass

Nick Mason: Drums

Being made up of the least significant member from their respective bands, the quartet gets along fairly well.  Although not as big as some other supergroups, they do well enough for themselves despite not having any #1 albums, or selling out venues on a consistent basis.  They always seem to be around forever, and when they finally call it quits you won’t even notice it.

5)      Blue as the Moon

Robert Plant: Vocals

Eric Clapton: Guitars

John Entwistle: Bass

Charlie Watts: Drums

This is it, the mother of all supergroups!  The epitome of cool and hard rock; they have as devout a fan base as most religions.  The band starts off as a blues rock band but slowly begins to adapt new techniques and forms of music into their own patented sound.  And guess what…..we eat this shit up.  I mean, they can do no wrong.  After multiple #1’s, tragedy strikes the band, whether it is a case of their own demons catching up to them or an external tragedy doesn’t matter.  Instead of breaking up, Plant and Clapton support each other through their depression leading to a more mature, bluesy, and nuanced sound.  By the end of it, the band has become more of an old-man-blues-jam band.  But guess what……we still eat this shit up, because every once in a while they’ll kick it like they used to.

6)      All the Rage

David Lee Roth: Vocals

Nancy Wilson: Guitars

Randy Rhoads: Guitars

Tom Hamilton: Bass

Chad Smith: Drums

After whatever tragedy strikes Blue as the Moon, All the Rage takes over as the preeminent rock band.  Powered by the relationship by Diamond Dave and Nancy Wilson, everyone thinks that the band is doomed when she breaks up with him after finding out about his philandering ways.  However, Nancy channels her frustration into song and the band enters their most productive and popular period of their career.  Despite the fact that many of their subsequent hits turn out to be negative jabs about Lee Roth, he doesn’t pick up on it until years later.  As a result he leaves the band, puts out a solo record or two then rejoins the band because he misses his drinking buddy/mischievous partner in crime Tom Hamilton.  Also Chad Smith has the added pleasure of finally being in the hard rock band he always wanted to be a part of.

7)      The Wild Bunch

Mick Jagger: Vocals

Pete Townshend: Guitars

Cliff Burton: Bass

John Bonham: Drums

This rhythm section goes down as the greatest rock rhythm section of all time.  At first glance they sound chaotic and all over the place.  Once you start to pay attention, you realize that each member is probably the best there is at their instrument and that they are so apt and incredible that they are able to put all the musical pieces together to become greater than the sum of their parts.  Hard and heavy with the customary acoustic blues song on every album, The Wild Bunch rivals Blue as the Moon as the greatest supergroup ever.  While the first few albums are straight up rock albums, once Townshend feels comfortable enough, the scope of their albums change to sprawling musical endeavors.  Although they sacrifice commercial success, this string of 3 albums proves to be the best the band will ever produce.  Their excesses start to get the better of them however as egos and the partying lifestyle starts to take their tolls.  Jagger starts to feel as though he is losing his say in the band, and walks out without technically quitting.  Townshend on other hand is mentally and emotionally drained from the creative process and leaves the band, effectively disbanding them.  After three years they get back together and put out the mediocre album every now and then, but mostly sell out venues by playing the old hits.

8)      Blitzkrieg

Joe Strummer: Vocals, guitars

Lemmy: Bass, vocals

Keith Moon: Drums

This is what all the hardcore kids listen to.  Like Brannigan’s Law, the trio’s music is hard and fast.  Lemmy and Moon in particular lead a reckless and hedonistic lifestyle that almost proves too much for the band to handle.  This coupled with internal friction between Strummer who wants to delve into other genres, and Lemmy who wants to remain playing the same fast and heavy pace.  As a result of irreconcilable differences, the band breaks up after only four albums, leaving many to wonder “what if”.

9)      The Avant-Guardians

Peter Gabriel: Vocals

Brian May: Guitars

Bootsy Collins: Bass

Larry Mullen Jr.: Drums

I don’t even know what the hell this would look like.

10)  Egos and Whatnot

Bono: Vocals

David Gilmour: Guitars, vocals

Sting: Bass, guitars

John Paul Jones: Keyboards

Phil Collins: Drums

First off, just imagine a dual falsetto harmony between Bono and David Gilmour.  If I had to guess, that’s probably what angels sound like.  Starting off as the cool alternative college band, they slowly become more successful until they become the biggest band in the world.  However, tensions grow as Sting wants more of the limelight.  Bono eases tensions by writing a beautiful ballad for the band’s upcoming album.  Sure enough the album is their best to date and all looks well for the future; that is until Sting unexpected quits the band.  Not knowing what to do, the band is about to call it quits until they remember that Jones can play the bass, and fairly well at that.  Sting goes on to have a successful solo career, while the band finds continued success.  However, Phil Collins now wants more of the limelight and quits to pursue a solo career of his own.  Not knowing what to do, the band is about to call it quits until Jones learns to play the drums as well.  The band goes on as a trio powered by the ego of Bono.  Sting and Phil Collins have successful solo careers but are more remembered for their time in the band.  After 20 years the band gets back together for a reunion tour for no apparent reason….while rumors of a full scale reunion continue to swirl to this day.

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