The New Orleans Pelicans Logo is the Coolest Thing Ever

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January 25, 2013 by NowhereButPop

The New Orleans Pelicans logo is officially the coolest sports logo ever. Just look at it:


Old timey New Orleans text.

A pelican with red eyes and a red beak? As if pelicans weren’t already intimidating and murderous enough. What was the request for the logo, “Pelicans are cool and all, but how can we make the other team actually shit their pants in the middle of a game?” “I know…. RED. EYES.” I’m practically shitting my pants out of sympathy.

Oh yeah, and the wings are GOLD. And the tops of the wings underline “New Orleans.” Using one thing to underline another thing… It never gets old. Like using alliteration.

And in case we didn’t get the idea already, they made an alternate logo that’s even more badass.


A Pelican Fleur-de-lis? COUNT ME IN. It looks like it’s wearing battle armor, with a strange, impractical pointy helmet. Why does a pelican need a helmet? Is this pelican so ravenous for chaos that it needs to protect its head? Is it divebombing people? Oh my god, I like this logo even more.

If anyone wants to send me New Orleans Pelicans gear as a gift for zero things in return, feel free. I will accept them and smile. Aren’t my smiles enough for everyone?
Steve Secular

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