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February 20, 2013 by Ian Goldstein

(HBO Go)

By Ian Goldstein

“Someone who no one ever heard of writing about her lost generation.”

In this latest episode of Girls:

Hannah gets to write an E-book, but she only has a month to do it.

-Ray and Adam go on an adventure.

-Marnie and Booth Jonathan realize their relationship isn’t one.

Here is the episode:

(HBO Go)

Booth Jonathan fires his assistant; she took a scoop of his ice cream. Not cool.

(HBO Go)

Ray wants his copy of Little Women back, but Adam has it. Ray goes to Adam’s apartment to retrieve it and learns Adam has essentially kidnapped a baby, well a dog. He dognapped a dog that might have rabies. Ray doesn’t like the idea of stealing someone’s dog; it’s like a family member. So Ray encourages Adam to return the animal.

The episode’s eponymous characters get a chance to spend some quality time together.

“I might need some back up,” Adam tells Ray. Ray likes the idea of being the muscle for Adam—some masculinity, control in his small income 33-year-old-who-looks-like-he’s-40-life.

On the boat they discover they’re similar, kind of. “You and I, we’re actually not so different. I may intellectualize everything and you…nothing. But at the end of the day we both get to the same meaty ideas. Maybe it’s because we’re both honest men.”

Adam: “ Maybe it’s because we’re both kind of weird looking.”

Adam and Ray have been strange, ambiguous  characters from the start of the show and now through their interaction their personalities are highlighted.

(HBO Go)

“This book doesn’t matter.” Jessa is depressed. “It’s not gonna matter to the people who read it or to you.”

This upsets Hannah.

(HBO Go)

Meanwhile the boys continue their odyssey in the amusement park that is Staten Island to return “dog.”

Adam gives Ray his best Hannah-Ring-toss analogy:

“She’s like a carnival game. It all seems so simple but you can’t get the ring on the bottom because it’s rigged.  So you try and try and try till you drive yourself nuts.”

Ray and Adam eventually fight over Hannah. Adam is still in love with her, coming to her defense when he feels Ray is attracted to/insulting her. Adam leaves Ray stranded and so Ray must fend for himself with the dog.

Soon we learn the dog had a name: Mikey. A Staten Island girl, whose father is the big bald man who owned Mikey is confronted by Ray to take her dog back. Nope. She calls him some derogatory names, even though he does not fit them. Ray is Greek-Orthodox, not Jewish. Ray gives up and walks the dog away.

(HBO Go)

Booth Jonathan tells Marnie he has no friends. He hates everyone. Marnie leaves his party realizing she’s his hostess, not his girlfriend.

(HBO Go)

Marnie calls Hannah. Hannah and Marnie lie. Marnie tells Hannah she’s happy, that she had a good night.

Hannah tells Marnie she’s getting a lot of writing done.

Neither is true.

In “Boys” the girls are lying to each other as well themselves. Jessa is depressed, so she tells Hannah she’s not depressed. Hannah can’t write so she puts on an act for Marnie. And Marnie wants a relationship so she pretends she’s still in one.

(HBO Go)

Ray breaks down. He’s confused, older than he wants to be, and is currently envious of Mikey’s life. “I’m nothing,” he says.

After last week’s episode in which Hannah had her own adventure, Lena Dunham gives one to the boys this week and let’s every character question where they want to be in life. None are happy, except for Mikey.

Thoughts on this past episode: “Boys?”


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