The Thought Tapes Part II: Start Me Up

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June 19, 2013 by NowhereButPop

By Andrew Doscas

Here we go; same routine as last time.  First 500 words that come to mind, no more no less.  Starting now:

I don’t think I used proper grammar at all in the preceding blurb.  I’m also very tempted to just pick up from where I left off the last time I did something like this, but that would defeat the purpose.  My computer is running very slowing, which is also hampering the development of this article, because as I think of something and write it the screen freezes.  By the time it unfreezes I’m thinking about something else.

Right before this I was reading some of my old Uncanny X-Men comics.  There really is a stigma against comics still which I don’t really get.  Are there a bunch of really weird geeky guys who read them?  Of course there are but not all of us are.  I really hate indie comics, because I feel like their sole motivation is just to show everyone that comics aren’t only about superheroes.  Well not for nothing, superheroes is what most of America wants to read about.  I don’t really care too much for indie movements in general for much the same reason I don’t like indie comics: they just exist in opposition to something.  That’s their stigma, that of being pretentious contrarians.

Speaking of indie, I’ve been listening to this band called Haim, and they’re like a weird fusion of indie, dance, pop, and rock.  It’s weird but I like it a lot.  I’m sure the fact that the band is made up of three sisters has something to do with this.  Freud would probably have a field day with that one.  Why was Freud so preoccupied with sex?  Are most people as preoccupied with sex as he was?  I really like the word id; I think it’s a cool word that describes a cool concept.  Is it weird to resent people for not knowing as much as you do?  Do people have different levels of intelligence, or do some people just try harder than others?  Is it intelligence that varies or capacity to learn that is the variable?  Just like the first part in this volume I’m asking a lot of question.

I ask a lot of questions.  I don’t know why.  Is it borne from a curiosity about the world, or from some feelings of arrogance that I could potentially have the capacity to one day know everything?  Again with all the questions.  I’ve definitely gotten more arrogant over the years, especially during college.  It’s really weird running in people from high school that I haven’t seen from high school.  The people that I was friendly with all give me the cold shoulder, but the people I never really spoke to are the friendliest.

Adults really aren’t that much different than children.  Even though I’m an adult I don’t see myself as a grown up.  I really don’t think anyone regardless of age sees themselves as a grown up.  People in general are funny.  If I typed funny as phunny instead, I think that would be funny.  Why did the Greeks use


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