Top 10: Things Learned from the Sunday Morning Hangover

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August 25, 2013 by NowhereButPop

By Andrew Doscas

1)    NEVER EVER eat a turkey sandwich while taking shots of tequila.

2)    Never try to impress a girl by drinking copious amounts of alcohol in her presence…you will always fail.

3)    Any promise that you make to yourself about not drinking again will be forgotten by the next Friday.

4)    Jumping around like a lunatic when the house bands plays “Walk This Way” while there’s no one else on the dance floor just makes you look like a jackass.

5)    Always listen to whatever advice Ian Goldstein gives you.

6)    For some reason Sunday morning hangovers are always the worst ones.

7)    Dancing with a girl, to make another girl jealous only works if the girl is around to see it.

8)    The amount of time it takes to get over the hangover is directly proportional to the amount of fun you had the night before.

9)    You can never go wrong with some charisma and the well timed expletive.

10)  More often than not we’d do it all over again.


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