Halloween Through the Years

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October 23, 2013 by NowhereButPop

By Khalid Bennett

Well, October is coming to a close. It’s getting colder. Fall is kicking in. The days are getting shorter. The World Series is underway. Basketball season is about to begin. I could go on and on but that’s not really important. There is only one noticable thing about the month of October. What is the first thing anyone thinks when it is October?

It’s Halloween, of course.

I’m not going to go into the true meaning of Halloween, what it really means, and all that crap.  Instead, I’m going to give you a little history of Halloween but in a different sense. This here is my point of view on Halloween from the day I was born until now.

How am I going to do this?

Well for most people, the Halloween experience has probably been similar to a certain point from being a kid, growing up, and finally becoming an adult. We mainly think of Halloween for ghosts, scary things, horror movies, trick-or-treating, candy, haunted houses, parties, and halloween costumes. Most of society has experienced these things at some point throughout their lives when it comes to Halloween. Believe it or not, my Halloween experience growing up has been a little different. My experiences and views about Halloween have been different from the rest and I am willing to share how I have seen Halloween as a kid, as a teenager, as a college student, and as a working and unemployed adult. You’ll get a sense of comparison to the societal aspect of Halloween with my aspect of Halloween.

The Little Kid/Elementary School Years:

As a kid, Halloween was proabably the second best time of the year (Christmas being the first). There was trick-or-treating, candy, wearing costumes, and the Halloween specials of our favorite cartoons. You probably remember the first time you trick-or-treated and eating all that candy when you got home. It was the one day you were excused to eat as much candy as you wanted. You probably remember your first costume or a costume you wore of your favorite cartoon character or superhero. You probably remember just being scared about stories or seeing the different Halloween decorations at school once the day was approaching.

It was a little different for me. First off, I’ve actually never went trick-or-treating. Growing up in New York City, the idea of trick-or-treating wasn’t really considered “safe”. Crime in New York City wasn’t that great plus instead of house-to-house, it would’ve been apartment-to-apartment. But all in all, I didn’t really care for it. I remember my first Halloween experience. I was dressed as Ernie from Sesame Street at preschool (or maybe kindergarten). I can’t really recall wearing costumes as a kid. I don’t think they were required at school, so I never wore costumes to school if Halloween dropped on a school day. We did have our class parties and all but wasn’t too excited about those. I didn’t care for the candy. As much as I love candy, I don’t eat much of it. I never ate much candy as a kid. I think the only time I ate candy was at birthday parties and Halloween and it wasn’t much either. As for the scary aspect of Halloween, I mean I was a kid. You tend to believe those stories and monsters of Halloween and I was scared until you realize that it isn’t real. My experience of Halloween as a child may have not been the prototype Halloween but it didn’t ruin my childhood. I still was a happy child.

The Teenage/Middle and High School Years:

During this part of your life, you have finally outgrown Halloween just for a little bit. You don’t trick-or-treat anymore. You don’t really care for candy, costumes, or ghost stories. All you care about Halloween is socializing since that’s a big part of being a teenager. You could’ve been one of those teenagers that went to teenage parties, where costumes weren’t necessary. You could’ve been one of those teenagers egging houses, throwing toilet paper, or doing some other mischievous act. It was that point in time where you were too old to trick-or-treat but too young celebrate Halloween as adults do.

In middle school, we had a Halloween party every year. In 6th grade, I was a wizard. It wasn’t the best move considering I was very awkward back then (and I’m still awkward now). In 7th grade, I was that rebel who went to the party as “myself”. I just felt comfortable wearing my own clothes. The funny thing was that most of my classmates didn’t really care and were cool with it. In eighth grade, I wore regular clothes with a jester type hat. It was pretty simple. I did indulge myself in candy, games, haunted house, and the dance floor. It was just about having fun with your friends and socializing without even thinking about what Halloween is all about.

High school was too different. I went to catholic school. Did you know that Halloween is actually a religious holiday. Halloween represents All Hallows Eve, the next day being All Saints Day. The best thing about Halloween during high school…it was a day off. So you would think I would do something on my day off. Hell no. I never went out or went to Halloween parties. I guess during high school, I wasn’t so interested in Halloween as most teenagers were at this time. Plus I had negative views and aspects of Halloween. I basically thought it was stupid and never liked the idea of dressing up in a costume. That was my teenager years. Would this transfer once I went to college?

The College Years:

Halloween in college might be the best years for young adults. It’s basically Halloween parties and women dressing slutty. It was the one day of the year when women can dress provocatively and in suggestive/sexy clothing and can get away with it. Also, depending on what day Halloween was, you celebrated it all weekend, going to different parties, wearing different costumes.

Freshman year was probably the worst Halloween I had. Instead of going out with the people on my floor, I decided to play video games. At that point, my views on Halloween were still the same from how it was in high school. I did go out one day but I just wasn’t in the spirit. Plus the party I went to was shut down by the police.

Sophomore year was a little different. My best friend kind of forced me to go out. Since I didn’t have a costume, I made up one. I dressed up as the “typical nerd/geek”…so basically myself (insert sarcastic laughter). The party I went to was just okay but I had a good time. At that point, my Halloween views were starting to change. I realized that it’s just all about having fun with your friends, which I did.

Junior year was probably the best year, even though senior year is debatable. I went out with my closest friends to their frat party and had a really good time. Basically, that whole Halloween consisted of getting drunk, being high, not being home, and other craziness. I dressed up as a member of the “Way High Patrol” and as the “typical bro”. It was a really good time.

Senior year was really memorable. I think that only because I was dating at the time. The first night I went in my “Way High Patrol” costume but the party got busted. I ended up at my ex’s apartment and just had fun with her and her roommates. The next day was pretty fun. My best friends and I went as T-Pain, Drake, and Rick Ross (me being T-Pain) while my ex dressed up as a sexy catholic school girl. I went to the same frat I went junior year and I had a lot of fun dancing and having a good time. I did a lot of compliments on my costume. The next day was good too. My ex and her roommates threw a party but that was a bust, so we all went to another party and had a good time there. I dressed up as Neo from “The Matrix”. All in all, my Halloween experience during college was pretty cool and fun. The problem was how would it all transfer after graduation.

I’ll end of the article this way. I haven’t celebrated Halloween as I wanted to in 2011 and 2012. I haven’t really experienced Halloween as a working adult. I assume most adults have Halloween parties at their job. Some people probably just go out and drink. Being in New York City, you would think Halloween is pretty interesting. It is but I haven’t experienced it. I never went out in 2011 and in 2012. I was broke and a little depressed in 2011 and I was in Florida last year and didn’t go out then.

As for this year, I really don’t know. Halloween is only eight days away as I’m writing this article. I did have a plan of seeing someone and being somewhere for the Halloween weekend but it’s not going to happen because of certain reasons. Will I go out into the city this Halloween? I really don’t know.

I don’t hate Halloween. It obviously isn’t the same as it was in college. It’s probably another regular day and/or another excuse to get drunk and pick up women dressing very slutty (for some people). No matter how you readers spend it…

Happy Halloween to you all and stay safe.


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