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February 28, 2014 by NowhereButPop

by Khalid Bennett

If it wasn’t for politics, democracy, and the birth of government, then the United States would not exist.  The government used to be about the Declaration of Independence; the Constitution; the Amendments and so on….but seriously, that was in late 1700s and 1800s.  Let’s move into the present.  What do you think of politics and the government?  I’m pretty sure the words you are thinking of are negative: lies, betrayal, cheating; in this case…SCANDAL!!

Scandal is a TV show that has been on air since April 2012.  It’s considered a “political thriller” with all the craziness, eye-popping, jaw-dropping, OMG moments and cliff-hangers that happen every episode.

Scandal focuses around the life of the determined, ambitious, and sexy Olivia Pope.  She has her own crisis management firm, where she fights for the people.  She and her associates will do anything out of the norm to make sure of their client’s innocence; or in some cases, finding out the real truth.  The one thing about Olivia Pope is that she used to work in the White House; mainly affiliated with the Presidential campaign.  This is where all the scandalous activity happens over three (well two and half) seasons.

Two months ago, I was that guy that didn’t understand what the hell this show was about.  I didn’t understand why it was so good; I didn’t understand why every Thursday night my timelines and news feed on Twitter and Facebook were filled with Scandal material.  So thanks to my awesome friend, I gave it a shot.  I never thought I would get addicted to a show so quickly, every episode I wanted more and more and more.  How could I stray away from this show with all the craziness I’ve seen?

I finally caught up with the show early January but I had to wait until February 27th for the season to resume.  Today is February 27th and I’m so freaking excited for the show to come back.

So, I will be doing a recap and analysis on Scandal every week during this half season.  But first, let’s recap the show thus far.

Season 1

Season 1 is pretty much an introduction to all the main characters and their affiliations and relationships with each other.  You have the aforementioned Olivia Pope and her associates; Stephen Finch, Harrison Wright, Abby Whelan, Huck, and new girl Quinn Perkins.  You are also introduced to President Fitzgerald “Fitz” Grant, the First Lady Mellie, and Cyrus Beene, the Chief of Staff.  There has been rumors going around that the President has had an affair with someone named Amanda Tanner.  She becomes a client of Olivia as Olivia believes Amanda is telling the truth about the affair.  We find out that not only Fitz is having an affair with Olivia; Mellie knows about the affair; Fitz knows that Mellie is aware of it; Cyrus finds a sex tape of Fitz and Amanda; and to top it all off, Amanda claims to be pregnant with the President’s child.  Cyrus beings to investigate on Olivia Pope and her associates; while Amanda Tanner is kidnapped.  While searching for Amanda, there had been an apparent plane crash and everyone at Pope & Associates investigates that instead.  Eventually Amanda’s body is found dead and the father of her child isn’t Fitz.  You get a flashback on Fitz running for primary and how Olivia met him for the first time; plus the formation of her firm.  The season ends off in a cliff-hanger that affects everyone.

Season 2

Season 2 starts off learning that Quinn Perkins is not who she is.  We also learn that President Fitz and Cyrus is dealing with a foreign policy issue.  Figuring out Quinn’s true identity, “Thorngate” is revealed, which is used to spy on citizens.  As all of this is happening, Fitz feelings for Olivia begin to resurface and he can’t deal with the fact with how much he misses and loves her.  This seasons deals with the formation of new relationships and the declination of current ones.  With all that going on within the White House and with Olivia Pope, eventually, the President gets shot at a gala and winds up in a coma.  During this time, we learn more about Fitz and Olivia’s past relationship.  Quinn begins to figure out who she really and what happened to her.  Huck is framed for shooting the President.  Mellie asks for a divorce as the President finally wakes up.  We learn who really wanted to assassinate the President.  The same person also reveals to the President that his election was rigged.  Fitz calls off the divorce and at this point, everyone’s lives are going crazy.

It’s been 10 months since the truth was revealed about Fitz’s rigged election. He can’t trust anyone at this point.  Olivia is trying to move on and is more focused on her job.  During this time David Rosen, former Assistant U.S. Attorney, joins Pope & Associates.  He’s upset and frustrated for losing a very important case thus losing his job and has a love/hate relationship with Pope & Associates (even though he goes back and forth with Abby).  More foreign policy issues arise as there is a hostage situation and the government is looking for the mole.  Meanwhile, we learn that Olivia’s new “boyfriend”, Jake, is actually working for Fitz.  Also, Fitz decides to run for re-election.  The last episode ends up with more scandalous activity within the White House.  David knows the identity of the mole; Olivia’s affair with President Fitz hits the social media waves and her life drastically changing right before her eyes.  Once again, the season ends up with even more craziness and everyone’s life in some type of danger, mischief, trouble, and confusion

Season 3

Olivia Pope’s life has taken a drastic turn.  She’s been trying to hide from the media after being identified as the President’s mistress.  She also learns a horrid secret about her father, Eli Pope, that also deals with the government.  Her associates do everything to get their clients back and free Olivia’s name by leaking a video accusing another person as Fitz’s mistress, whose name is Jeannine Locke.  During this time, we learn more about Eli’s involvement with the government in the past and present with certain events.  Fitz decides to come clean and “claim” that he did have an affair with Locke.  At this point, we learn how Fitz, Eli, Cyrus, Jake, and Huck are all connected with the scandal that’s going on right now.  There is also a re-election. Congresswomen Josephine Marcus decides to run against Fitz.  Also Vice President Sally Langston decides to run against the President as an independent.  This particular Scandal is causing a lot of betrayal, angst, and devious acts between all the main characters.  It’s like everyone either wants revenge or cause awe and shock, especially within the White House.  The season stops with a lot of discoveries as well. Olivia’s mom is actually alive and has her own past.  Quinn seems to have betrayed her associates, Langston has her own issue to be bottled up, and Cyrus has seemed to lose control over everything including his own life.  At this point, everyone has lost it.  We don’t know who is really who and what everyone’s real motive is.

This left a big cliff-hanger for Scandal fans for 11 weeks, wondering what the hell is going on and what is going to happen.  I don’t want to give any predictions.  You are just going to have to watch the show tonight.

If you can’t watch it tonight, Scandal always airs on Thursdays, 10pm, on ABC.

Wow! Such scandalous activity for a show in midst of its third season.  I can’t wait to see what more scandals and secrets will make these main characters go even more insane


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