One Day I Found A Time Machine

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September 10, 2014 by Ian Goldstein


By Ian Goldstein

It was just sitting there.

Out in the open.

Disguised as a Silver Honda.

I walked up to it. And suddenly a man yelled at me.

“Get away from my car!” he screamed.

“Hmm?” I yelled back, knowing this would confuse him.

It did.

“Just stay away from that.”

He walked away.

That’s when I knew.

This most definitely was a time machine.

I thought if all of the places I could go. Ancient Rome, the Middle Ages,
Compton 1992. I could barely contain my excitement.

So I smashed the window. And then I heard more yelling.

I woke up in a cage. Some tall, wrinkled man stood over me. He smelled of orange juice.

“You doing ok buddy?”

“Hmmm?” I questioned to try and confuse him.

It didn’t work. He just stood there.

“You found that contraption too didn’t you?”

I got up slowly.

“What contraption?”

“The time machine!”

“You found it too!?”

I was stunned. Somebody else saw what I saw.

“Course I did. You’d be a ripe old idiot not to see that thing sittin there right out in the open!”

“That’s what I said!”

Suddenly a guard approached.


He pointed his baton at me.

“You’re getting out. Someone posted bail.”


It was the man who yelled at me for standing near his time machine.

“Look please don’t make this a habit,” he told me. But I wasn’t listening. I was focused on getting back to his machine.

“The guy in there with you, the one who smells like orange juice, yeah he’s busted my window about 40 times now. I feel bad for you guys so I’m just going to say this…”

I was being let out and he kept talking, but all I could think of was meeting Julius Caesar and young Ice Cube in the same day.


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