Why the 2015 NBA Draft Lottery is a Slap in the Face to Knicks Fans

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May 20, 2015 by NowhereButPop

by Andrew Doscas

We all know that the NBA’s draft lottery is fixed, we know this.  Every year the Commissioner and the league executives get together and essentially assign picks to the teams that they smile on.  The signs are all there: Cleveland winning the lottery three out of the four years that Lebron was in Miami, Chicago landing the first overall pick the exact same year that hometown wunderkid, Derrick Rose, was declaring for the draft, and of course 1985, when David Stern handed the Knicks Patrick Ewing on a silver platter.  Anyone who doesn’t think that this is true, probably still believes in Santa Claus and that their girlfriend actually likes them.

For all their failures and retarded, self-annihilating dealings, the Knicks have only been in the lottery eight times, since the lottery’s inception.  What’s even more embarrassing for Knicks fans is that in the entire sludgy and putrid history of the Knicks, they’ve never been as bad as they were this past season.  And all we have to show for it is the fourth overall pick in this year’s draft.

David Stern knew how to fix a draft.

In order for the NBA to thrive, it needs three markets to succeed: Los Angeles, Boston, and New York.  The Celtics are on the upswing as they are actually managed by intelligent, semi-literate people (a sharp contrast from the Knicks organization), while the Lakers are loaded with young talent and operated by a good coach and a basketball genius (Jeanie Buss, of course).  The Knicks, with the second worst record, and therefore the second best chance to be given the first overall pick, are a completely broken franchise with absolutely no future.

They are devoid of talent, young or otherwise, are owned by the league’s biggest prick and moron, and traded next year’s draft pick (another sure-shot lottery pick) for Andrea Bargnani, the basketball equivalent of Mark Wahlberg, someone who’s not really good at anything but still has a job.  This year’s draft was supposed to be the only thing us fans had to look forward to until 2017.[1]  A first or second overall pick was to be our reward for putting up with shit that no other fans in the association had been put through.  This was to be our consolation for Isiah Thomas, having an owner with the emotional outbursts and intelligence of a child, and seemingly purposefully poor draft selections. But, by handing the Knicks the fourth overall pick in this year’s draft, Adam Silver has effectively given the Knicks the finger while fucking their girlfriend on a jumbotron in the middle of Madison Square Garden.

Kenny Walker – One of many Knicks draft busts.

With the fourth pick in the draft, Silver and the rest of the league have robbed the Knicks of any independence and choice with their selection.  Instead of picking one of the four best players in the draft, they will be left with the one that the Timberwolves, Lakers, and 76ers don’t want.  Despite the fact that two teams with better records obtained better picks, what makes things even more crippling for Knick fans is that the draft had gone exactly according to probability up until that point.  There was no reason to think that the Knicks would drop to four, but by doing so any sense of choice has been taken away from a franchise that has been robbed of any semblance of decency since the trading of Patrick Ewing.

Every fan of the New York Knicks had a vested emotional interest in this year’s lottery as acknowledgement and validation that we had been through too much under James Dolan’s mismanagement.  But, in typical Knick fashion, we came as close to failing as we possible could without actually failing.  What it comes down to, is that number four is not what we wanted, nor is it what we deserved.  If it was made known, beyond a shadow of a doubt that the draft was not fixed, and actually left to chance, then there’s nothing to complain about, but we know better; 30 years of draft fixing and maneuvering has left fans a little too jaded for our own good.

Benedict Arnold himself, Adam Silver.

I know I sound like  little bitch right now, complaining about not getting a good enough pick, but understand, that this is merely the latest culmination in an ever cascading shit storm that’s always raining here in New York.  Something that caused excitement at 8:30 PM EDT, became an insult, an affirmation that we will continue to be doomed by mediocrity and disregard, by 9:00 PM EDT.  Fans of the Knicks want so much, and as a result we’ve suffered so much, suffered through the likes of Eddy Curry, Antonio McDyess, a GM who though having six shooting guards on a team was a good idea, the forthcoming return of that same GM, and ultimately the worst owner in the NBA.  This was supposed to be the bone that Silver, a Knicks fan himself, was to throw to us, telling the fans that he commiserated with us.  Instead Adam Silver chose to show his benevolence to the Lakers, by not only protecting their own pick which could have gone to Philadelphia, but by also giving them their pick of the litter.

Even when the Knicks lose, there can be no silver lining, no ray of hope to foolishly delude us into believing that fate had finally smiled down upon us.  Adam Silver, you really fucked up on this one; it’s been a rough 15 years, and we could have really used your help here.  Despite the worst record in franchise history, and the second worst in the league this year, in a race to the bottom, once again, the Knicks came up short.

[1] Because you know that no superstar is gonna sign with the Knicks as a free agent this year or next year.


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