The Apocrypha List: Thirty 30 for 30s That Will Never be Made

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November 30, 2015 by NowhereButPop

by Andrew Doscas

With the recent revival of ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary series, here’s a look at some of the more controversial stories that will forever be left untold.

The Trial of Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis’ involvement in the murder of two people will forever be a mystery.



Strike Three, Your Out: The 1994 MLB Work Stoppage

For the first time in 90 years, the World Series was cancelled because of greedy players and owners.



Little Caesar: The NHL Under Gary Bettman

Under Commissioner Gary Bettman, the NHL has seen two strike-shortened seasons and one season cancelled entirely.  However, he’s also increased the visibility of the sport and revenue generated.




Taken for Granted: Why Grantland Mattered

Whatever personal reasons ESPN had in shutting down Grantland will never be told.



When the Whistle Blows: Reliving the 2002 Western Conference Finals

One of the greatest NBA postseason series will forever be marred by controversial officiating.



I Spy: The Truth Behind Spygate

Listen, we ALL know the Patriots cheated, and yet the full truth has never been really been revealed.



When the Magic Stopped: The Orland Dynasty That Never Was

Oh what could have been.  Grantland had an amazing oral history on the mid-90s Magic.  Read it.



The Malevolent Mets: Underachievers of the 1980s

What went wrong for the team that should have dominated baseball for seven years?



Hammfisted: The Paul Hamm story

After a mis-score awarded American Paul Hamm the gold medal, the international community rallied against him to relinquish his medal.



We Got a League: The Creation and Survival of the WNBA

The difficulties in sustaining the WNBA and how to keep it alive.



Billyball: The Rise and Fall of Billy Martin

How one of the fieriest managers in baseball history brought success (and ruin) wherever he went.



Hey Diddle Diddle, Ray Rice Up the Middle

One of the most electric running backs in the NFL, Rice is now the poster child of the domestic violence issues plaguing the NFL.



Insane in the Brain: CTE in the NFL

The increase in occurrences of degenerative brain disorder in former NFL players has led many to believe that the NFL should do something to ensure player safety and compensate former players.  Does the excuse many players use of “How were we supposed to know” really hold any currency?



The Ousting of Donald Sterling

The only person who doesn’t think Donald Sterling is a racist is Donald Sterling.



The 2012 Miami Marlins: A Case Study of Murphy’s Law

The most spectacular failure of the shittiest franchise in the MLB.



The Myriad Controversies Proving that the NCAA is More Corrupt and Greedier than FIFA

Pick one.



Blatter Control: How One Many Pissed Off 2 Billion People

Йозеф Блаттер.jpg

Didn’t they make a movie about how great this guy is?  Also that movie is the lowest grossing movie in American history.  It made $607.00 in the U.S.  Further proof that soccer will never be big in America…get used to it.



Second Guessing The Decision

In one year, basketball’s brightest icon turned into its biggest villain.



How Gar, The Kid and The Double Saved Baseball in Seattle

The 1995 ALDS singlehandidly saved baseball in Seattle.  20 years later however, no one gives a fuck about the Mariners…even their own players. 



The Many Lives (and Lies) of Tiger Woods

This is why you don’t text and drive.  It may let the skeletons out of the closet and drain your talent like the Monstars’ basketball.



Field of Tweets: How Social Media has changed the Game and the Athletes Who Play Them

Really, how many times has twitter gotten an athlete or a team in trouble?  Just ask J.R. Smith, the Houston Rockets or Rob Gronkowski.



Something Rotten in the Waters of Rio

Amongst the unpreparedness of Rio to host the 2016 Summer Olympics, their desire to use polluted and (slightly) irradiated water might have cost South America future chances to host the Olympics.



Saints, Sinners, and Bounties

The New Orleans Saints rewarded their players for purposefully injuring players on the opposing team…and got away with it.



How to Fix the NBA Draft Lottery

The NBA draft lottery is (most likely) fixed.  1985, 1993, 2009, 2011, and 2012 are but a few of the more questionable ones.



A Tainted Game: How PEDs were injected into the MLB

How did PEDs first seep into the MLB and why were they ignored by the players, the owners, the commissioner, and even the selfsame writers who now hold the keys to Cooperstown?



“The Biggest Bust in Olympic History”

Bode Miller Hinterstoder 2011.jpg

Despite competing in five Winter Olympics, Bode Miller has been labeled “The biggest bust in Olympic History” for his lackluster and lazy performances.



The Nightmare Team

Not surprisingly, the worst era in NBA history yielded the worst U.S. Olympic basketball team in history.



The Worst Play Called in Super Bowl History

You have Marshawn Lynch on your team and the ball is on the 1-yard line.  RUN THE DAMN BALL!



The Messiah and the Great One: Together Again for the Last Time

In their only season in New York together, Messier and Gretzky led the Rangers on a Cinderella run to the Eastern Conference Finals, bringing back 10 year old memories from their time together with the Oilers.



The Toxic Indian

From 1991-1998, Albert Belle was the biggest asshole in baseball.  Attacking fans, running over trick-or-treaters, tackling opposing second basemen to the ground, and his war with the media will forever overshadow his on-field accomplishments.


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