Why Do People Hate the New Ghostbusters Trailer?


March 7, 2016 by NowhereButPop

by Andrew Doscas


“I can’t wait to see this abortion of a movie” wrote one YouTube commenter upon seeing the trailer for the all new, all female reboot of Ghostbusters.  After the trailer’s initial debut on March 3, many viewers needed an outlet to express their vitriolic disapproval of the upcoming remake.  As of the time of this article, the trailer has garnered over 134,000 comments on YouTube, almost 20 million views, with 160,000 likes contrasting over 331,000 dislikes.  Those who hated the trailer literally outnumber those who liked it by a 2:1 margin.

So why all the hate for a seemingly innocent remake of a classic?  If YouTube is any indication, most people have taken umbrage to the fact that it’s an all female version of the 1984 smash hit.  Commenters has voiced their feelings that 1) a remake of Ghostbusters is unnecessary, and 2) an all female cast is just a form of tokenism and an attempt by Hollywood and the liberal media to further cram their feminist and PC agendas down everyone’s throats.  For these people, this remake of Ghostbusters is the totality of all their gripes.  As one commenter summed it up “If you want an all-female (a bad one at that) cast, MAKE YOUR OWN MOVIE. Stop riding off movies with male leads and reinserting bad female actors to reboot in order to push some BS agenda”

The comments on YouTube have generally ranged from the harmless, like someone setting up an account under the name Kim Jung Un saying “Sony…scrap this, or else”, a move inspired by Sony’s decision to pull The Interview from theaters under similar threats from the actual despot, to the downright offensive, such as hurling racial slurs towards Leslie Jones.

Many believe that an all female cast is unnecessary as it just turns the film into a gimmick and that by purposefully highlighting this gender swap as the main draw of the film, it automatically makes the film about feminism instead of actually ghostbusting.  One of the more recent comments highlighted this popular criticism “Sorry guys, but we are all really tired of your feminism mantra and your dried up creativity”.  Some of the more envenomed comments are as follows:


  • “This looks so fucking horrible I would never watch this even if somebody fist fucked my penis with my own vagina penis”
  • “This movie gave me cancer”
  • “Was this a commercial of an up and coming SNL skit?”
  • “Gotta give it to whomever gave Shaq the sex change. You can hardly tell.”
  • “It’s just a terrible terrible movie with crazy feminist propaganda…..”
  • “The movie that everyone (feminists and Tumblr users) will enjoy!”
  • “The nazi’s were evil. But it seems feminazi’s are worst.”
  • “I wonder if they made Slimer female too”
  • “I can’t wait for the male version of Charlie’s Angels and the white Shaft


There were also tons of comments using rape and abortion, two very controversial topics, as analogies or metaphors for the movie.  While totally sexists and reprehensible, it cuts to the heart of the matter behind many people’s extreme contempt for the movie.  It’s because the remake features an all female cast that has everyone in an uproar and the results have been merciless.

Beyond that, there are many who just share most people’s feelings towards remakes in general—they’re just superfluous and unnecessary.  Many commenters have posted things like “Why is a remake, any remake, necessary?”, and “I wish they’d stop making remakes”, and “Who wanted a Ghostbusters remake?”.  What has also contributed to the frosty reception for the trailer is the rumor that Sony has been sifting through the YouTube comments and deleting some of the more biting criticisms.  One users has claimed that eight of their comments have been deleted by Sony.  On top of the perceived notion that this is just a PC stunt to push a feminist agenda, the same people that believe this are now feeling that Sony is purposely censoring their opinions because it doesn’t fall in line with the agenda Sony wants to push.

Over the past few years the topics of race and gender have become massive lightning rods for controversy.  If you want to avoid electrocution, you’d be better off taking a bath with a radio.  It feels almost impossible to have an opinion on these issues without being labeled a “PC stooge” or a “bigot”.  It’s strange that in a society that is so desperately trying to dispel the notion of binary constructs within race, sexuality, and gender, we still believe in binary opinions; where on every issue there are two and only two options to choose from: for or against.

This really speaks to the extreme partisanship that’s been overtaking the country, where one group feels threatened and disregarded by the other group.  In turn, that group then takes an extreme rebuttal because they feel the need to defend themselves.  Is an all female remake of Ghostbusters a blasphemous affront?  Absolutely not.  Could Sony have done one better with an all female remake of Ghostbusters by not turning it into Bridesmaids 2?  Absolutely.  Is Kate McKinnon going to kick ass in the movie?  Without a doubt.  The truth is that it’s just a movie that has no baring on anyone’s life whatsoever.  To get worked up about it in either direction is a waste of energy.  It’s just amazing that a two-and-a-half-minute preview for a summer blockbuster could reveal so much about American society.  If only all movie trailers were as insightful.


2 thoughts on “Why Do People Hate the New Ghostbusters Trailer?

  1. Max says:

    Fantastic piece! I find myself disliking the trailer because it hints at a movie that has more in common with Paul blart mall cop than ghostbusters. The humor is cringeworthy. Maybe the movie will turn out better, who knows.

  2. John doe says:

    I thought the trailer was average but the way people reacted to it caught me completely off guard. They’re acting as if making a reboot of a classic has never been done before and that it’s a disrespect to the original movie. Funny though that didn’t happen when they made remade mad max or brought back the x-men. I honestly agree with you, I think it’s because it’s an all female cast. If it was a remake with men no one would bat an eyelash.

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