The Founders:

Steve Secular recently completed his master’s from Carnegie Mellon University in Literary and Cultural Studies. His main area of study is showrunners and personal networks of TV writers, actors, producers, etc. He also has a hard time understanding anything in life unless explained through convoluted basketball analogies — which is a total Chris Bosh thing to say.

Andrew Doscas is a graduate of Syracuse University.  If they made a version of Trivial Pursuit wherein the categories were baseball, comics, music, movies, and history, he would win…every time.  He prefers brown gravy with his French fries, and could live off of pizza bagels.  Some things he finds to be unendingly amusing: communism, vegetarianism, the 2012 Miami Marlins, pre-teen skateboarders, Matthew Lillard, the 27th amendment, and Velcro sneakers.  If he could choose one celebrity to narrate his life, it would be James Woods.

Ian Goldstein is a graduate of the University at Albany. He wrote for the Albany Student Press as well as Albany Student Television. He hopes to one day write professionally, but for now, he will pretend that he is more important than he actually is. While certainly a fan of pizza bagels, Ian doesn’t believe he could live off them. Eggs and whole wheat bread would more than likely suffice. And Shredded Wheat, the honey nut kind.


Rafael Chaiken is a graduate of Brown University and a native of Albany, NY. He covers movies, music, and books. He’s also a trumpet/keyboard player and an avid Wikipedian.


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  1. toconnell88 says:

    Not to blow too much smoke up your skirts, but I’m truly baffled about why your posts aren’t riddled with comments and likes. Very enjoyable operation you’re running here — and excellent writing, too. I look forward to reading more.

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