Top 10: Most Sexual Peter Gabriel Lyrics

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February 25, 2018 by NowhereButPop

by Andrew Doscas

peter gabriel flower

Peter Gabriel got his start as the lead singer of British prog-rock band Genesis. His theatrical antics, like dressing up as a giant flower or medieval knight quickly made the band a spectacle to watch.

Although he’s best known for “In Your Eyes”, one of the most popular love songs, Peter Gabriel has a tendency of writing about sex…a lot! Whether he’s comparing his penis to a sledgehammer, or a vagina to an oyster, he almost possesses a childlike fascination with sex.  Below are 10 of his most amusingly sexual lyrics.

“Counting Out Time”

Peter Flower

Too true

“Modern Love”


Ain’t that always the case


“Modern Love”






It’s usually sweet…but not always


“Kiss That Frog”


The frog is his penis


“I Have the Touch”


That’s kinda pushy


“The Family and the Fishing Net”


I really think this song is told from the perspective of sperm cells caught in a condom


“Digging in the Dirt”


Sometimes you just need to release the pressure valve




Peter Gabriel just seems to have an affinity for capturing the trials and tribulations human condition


“Washing of the Water”


This isn’t even a metaphor, it’s just supermarket paperback erotica





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